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Creating graded self-paced quizzes

Create or generate questions to produce a self-paced quiz that can be linked through to the grade-centre.

Vevox self-paced quiz in Blackboard



  1. Open the Survey Dashboard

After you create a session, you are automatically taken into Polls dashboard. If you are returning to Vevox, click on your session name. Click on Surveys in the left-hand side.


Vevox dashboard, with survey link in left menu highlighted

Then select + Create New


This opens up the New Survey interface. You can use the AI quiz generator to generate questions on a particular topic or create your own questions:


  1. Generating questions

You can use the AI quiz generator to create some questions, although they can be a bit generic and sometimes the answers will be wrong, so check them carefully.

Click on the + AI quiz, then add a topic or prompt, the more detailed and specific the better, select the number of questions you want to generate. Click on Generate.

You can repeat the generate step to produce more questions.

Tip: experiment with the wording of your prompts

This question generator is in Beta form, so best to check the answers.


This will generate a list of questions, review, edit or delete questions by using the three dots beside each question.


  1. Adding questions

You can also add your own questions to the quiz.

Click on Add Question at the bottom of your question list.


This brings up the Create Question dialogue box. Optionally, you can add an image to a question; click on the image icon to upload the image.

Then add the question into the Question title textbox and add multiple-choice answers.


NB the number of answer choices increases as you add your answers.


Select the correct answer, by clicking on the A-tick and add an explanation for the correct answer if you are using this option.


Rename your quiz to something meaningful by clicking on the default name and typing e.g. “Intro quiz”


  1. Add your quiz to Blackboard.

Like Turnitin, Vevox is an add-on to Blackboard and you embed it into your Blackboard learning content in a similar way.

Within your content area, add a Vevox session using the Build Content drop-down menu. Select Vevox.

This opens up the Vevox tool in Blackboard, select the session name that contains the quiz that you want to include in the lesson e.g. BMS798-week3-assess-quiz.

Then select whether you want participants to be Anonymous or Identified e.g. whether you want the participants’ marks sent to the grade centre.

  • Anonymous = Participants are fully anonymous therefore no grading information can be passed back to the VLE/LMS

  • Identified = Names will be hidden for other participants but the participants identity will be visible in the data reports and will pass back correct answer grading information to the VLE/LMS 

As it’s graded I chose Identified.


Then select the activity type (self-paced survey/quiz), select the survey name e.g. “’Intro quiz”, then click Select.


  1. Editing the quiz in Blackboard

Change the name of the activity to something more intuitive by clicking on the arrow and selecting Edit from the drop-down menu.

You can also set a due date and add a description.

Click Submit.

Make the quiz unavailable to students until the students are ready to complete the quiz.


When you are ready to release the quiz, make it available to students in Blackboard, then click on the link to open the Vevox dashboard and Start session and Start quiz.

The quiz is now ready to be completed by students.


  1. Linking through to the Grade centre

Students must be set to Identified in the Vevox dashboard settings and students need to access the quiz through Blackboard link to register their mark in the grade centre


Click on the Grade Centre link in the left-hand menu, then click on Full Grade Centre.


Unfortunately, the Vevox activity columns are all named “Vevox”, you need to edit the column name as soon as you create the activity, otherwise it can get confusing. The latest activity column will be the one on the right. Use the drop-down menu to Edit column information.


Use the item name to rename the column and click Submit.

The column name will then be changed


  1. Students’ completion of the quiz

Direct the students to follow the link in Blackboard, the quiz will open up for them directly.


Once students have completed their quiz, they will be given their score (they have one attempt).


Students can then click on Individual questions to get feedback on their performance e.g.


Once students have completed the quiz, their score will appear in the corresponding grade centre column.

Instructors can view student activity as normal:

Vevox How to configure sessions and link through to grade center