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Blackboard Single Sign On

On the 14th June 2021, the way you log in to Blackboard Learn will change. Users will experience a seamless single sign-on experience between other University systems and Blackboard Learn.

Once authenticated into the MyDay Portal, users will be able to sign onto Blackboard Learn with a single click on the Blackboard Learn tile.

If you prefer to login to Blackboard Learn directly at, use the same credentials that you use for the MyDay Portal or University E-mail i.e. your Ulster University e-mail address and network password.

Why are we changing how you login?

The main reason we are switching authentication methods is to ensure alignment with Ulster’s cyber security work streams. Blackboard Learn will now work with Multi-Factor Authentication (and the Authenticator app). This will add an additional layer of security to your Blackboard Learn login.

What if I encounter problems with Single Sign-On?

We have compiled a list of common issues. Please see our wiki page for more information.

How will it work?

If you are already logged into the MyDay Portal, or Office 365

As of the 14th June, if you are logged into the MyDay Portal and select the Blackboard Learn tile you will be directed to the main Blackboard Learn login page with the option to Login using SSO* (*Single Sign-on).

Look for the Login using SSO button (highlighted in red in the image below).

Login using SSO button on Blackboard Learn login screen

When you select the Login using SSO button you will be automatically authenticated into Blackboard Learn.

If you are NOT already logged into the MyDay Portal, or Office 365

If you are not logged into Office 365, or the MyDay Portal, and visit please select the Login using SSO button. You will be presented with the Pick an account screen:

Select your Ulster University account and you will be directed through the Multi-Factor Authentication process to login to Blackboard Learn.

It is important to logout of Blackboard Learn when your session is complete. Do this by clicking the logout button at the top right of your Blackboard Learn screen. If you leave Blackboard Learn open - and inactive - in your browser for longer than 8 hours, you may encounter an Expired Session error. Please see the Expired Session section of our common Issues page at:

What you can do to prepare for the switch in authentication?

  • If you login via the MyDay Portal, you don’t need to do anything else except to remember to logout when you have finished your Blackboard session.

  • The most important thing is to know your University e-mail address and network password. Whilst this may seem obvious, some of our partners work in different ways and Ulster e-mail addresses may not be as well known as the staff/student number. If you are involved in a partnership, ensure that students and other stakeholders know how to access their e-mail address:

  • Ensure that you have Multi Factor Authentication enabled. Most staff and students now have MFA enabled thanks to the work of Digital Services, but it is worth ensuring that your account has this enabled:

  • Check that you can login to the MyDay Portal or with your University e-mail address and network password, as Blackboard Learn will use the same credentials from 14th June. Some workplaces may prevent you logging into Ulster University’s Microsoft services and historically this could be bypassed by going directly to Blackboard Learn. This method will no longer work as of the 14th June.

  • Know how to reset your network password. Blackboard Learn does not have a separate password and all password updates need to be actioned against your central University account. You can reset your account on the Microsoft website at or by following the instructions at

  • Our Digital Services colleagues can assist with password issues via