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What is Vevox?

An online polling/survey/quiz engine integrated into Blackboard Learn. This means you can quickly add interactivity such as quizzes, Q&A discussions and feedback surveys into your existing Blackboard modules.

Why use Vevox?

Vevox complements the student experience. According to the UU Student Digital Experience 2023 survey 2023, 77% of students regularly use a smartphone for their learning, nearly a third are engaging in live polling (32%) and nearly half are using online quizzes (49%).


Benefits of Vevox:

  • Create polls/quizzes, feedback surveys or interactive Q&A quickly and easily

  • Quickly gauge student understanding and opinions in real time, during lessons

  • Encourages engagement from less confident students

  • Enables student participation in class via smartphone

  • Quickly integrate interactivity into existing Blackboard learning modules

  • Link marks through to the Blackboard grade centre

  • Generate topical questions with the Beta AI quiz generator

  • No student Log-in

Suggested uses of Vevox

At the start of the class:

  •    Live word cloud polls can be to set expectations, gauge knowledge, act as ice breakers and establish a culture of participation for the class e.g.

Screen shoot of the results of a Vevox word poll asking What are the three elements of good web-design


During Class:

  • Knowledge check polls allow you to assess student understanding:


  • Q&A allow students to asks questions anonymously during class:

End of class:

  • Quizzes can be used to gauge understanding and reinforce knowledge

  • Gather student feedback in a survey:

After class

 Case studies from other Universities

Vevox guides