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Getting started with Vevox - sessions

All Vevox activities start with a session. A session is where one or more polls, surveys, Q&A boards and/or quizzes are grouped together for a specific class.


  1. Login to the University’s Vevox account

Login into your University’s Vevox account using your SSO University login details

Vevox login screen

This takes you into the Vevox Session dashboard, it will be empty the first time you log-in:

Vevox sessions dashboard


  1. Create a Vevox session

Click on ‘Create Session’ in the top right-hand corner, name your session something intuitive e.g. BMS788-week1- quiz and click ‘Create’

This creates your session, now you can add an activity (poll, survey or Q & A) to the session, the default option is a poll. You can create another type of activity (Q & A announcement or survey) by using the left-hand menu.

Tip: It is best to create a session for each quiz or survey and name it according to module code and week e.g. BMS788-week1-quiz. Each session automatically comes with a Q and A board.

For students to participate in any activity within a session, you need to start the session first


  1. Editing your session (Optional)

Click on the three buttons on the top right corner of your session, this gives you access to the option to Duplicate your session and the Settings options

In the Settings panel you have a number of tabs with different options

The Setup tab allows you to add information about the session.

The Features tab allows you to change settings for polls and Q&A

The Identification tab allows you to set the anonymity or identity of the students.

Identification settings are overridden by your Blackboard settings.

Students can be Anonymous or Identified (their names are hidden on screen but their scores are recorded in Blackboard)


Now you are ready to add your first Vevox activity:

Vevox Help: Create my first session