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Adding a Q & A Board in Vevox

Vevox’s Q and A function allows students to ask questions, comment or make suggestions during lectures, in addition participants can like others’ contributions.

Vevox Q and A board

You can add questions or announcements to the message board to stimulate input from students, anonymously, throughout a lesson.


An Q & A board automatically comes with a session. If you already have a session running for a class e.g. a quiz you can use the included Q & A board to post questions or announcements during the class.



  1. Q & A dashboard

After you create a session, you are automatically taken into Polls dashboard. If you are returning to Vevox, click on your session name. Click on Q&A in the left-hand side menu.

Q and A highlighted in the Vevox dashboard


This takes you into the Q & A Board. Select Create an Announcement.

This will open up the Manage and Publish Announcements dialogue box. Add a new announcement in the text box provided and click the plus + to add to the Q & A board.

You can use the three dots beside the question to edit or delete


  1. Publish your announcement

When you are happy with your text, press the loud hailer symbol beside you question to publish your question/ announcement.


This publishes your announcement, you can now present the announcement fullscreen.


  1. Student participation

Students can scan their QR code or enter the Session ID through website on their phones.


This takes the student into the session, they need to click on the tab with the speech bubbles icon to access the Q & A board.


Students can ask questions anonymously throughout the session.


The questions automatically appear on the Q and A screen.

NB If the student’s question is inappropriate, you can quickly hide and archive the question by hovering over the right bottom corner and clicking on the hide icon.


Your Q& A dashboard allows you to reply to questions:


And to pause or turn off discussions:


If your Q and A board is part of a larger session, you can use the session controller at the bottom of the screen to open the next activity.


Vevox help on Q& A