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Turnitin Update 2022


Changes to how you use Turnitin in Blackboard

Turnitin has been updated for September 2022. It will affect how you use it within Blackboard Learn.

The way that you add a Turnitin assignment drop box to a Blackboard Learn module and the way you access student submissions through Turnitin will change from September 2022.
The student assignments will continue to display in exactly the same way in Turnitin Feedback studio. Marking, adding comments, and annotating assignments will also remain the same.

Why is this necessary?

Turnitin announced that they will stop supporting the Turnitin building block (for all users) on the 31st August 2022. As we currently use the Turnitin building block in our version of Blackboard Learn, it is important for us to move to a new version of Turnitin that integrates with Blackboard Learn via a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration.

Adding a Turnitin Assignment

The new Turnitin drop box can be found under Build Content in the tabs at the top of a Blackboard Learn content area (the new link is highlighted in red in the image below).

The options that you are used to when setting up a Turnitin drop box remain the same, but they will be presented slightly differently (see image below):

The Turnitin icon is no longer displayed beside the drop box link, instead, a web link icon will appear next to the drop box link:

Video Instructions

Please watch our video walkthroughs of the new Turnitin LTI tool
*Please note you also need to hide the grade centre column after creation of the drop box to prevent marks being available to students before you are ready

Accessing Turnitin Assignments

You will no longer be able to access Turnitin submissions via Control Panel, Course Tools, Turnitin Assignments. Instead, you will select and click on the name of the Turnitin drop box that the students used to submit and access the list of completed assignments from there.

Alternatively, you can still access individual student submissions from the Grade Centre by clicking on the grey chevron beside the needs marking icon and clicking ‘Mark User Activity.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Select a question below (by clicking on it) to see the answer:

If you have created a Turnitin assignment already, with a due date after the 1st September, unfortunately you will need to recreate this assignment via the new integration to ensure continuity after the 31st August. If the dropbox already has submissions, you will need to have two drop boxes and the Blackboard Helpdesk can help with this solution.

Yes, existing assignments created with a due date before the 31st August will allow late submissions, in to September, if this setting is enabled.