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Blackboard Learn User Roles Explained


Programme Roles control access to the content and tools within a programme. Each user is assigned a role for each Programme in which they participate. For example, a user with a role of Instructor in one Programme can have a role of Course Builder in another Programme. Instructors may use these roles to delegate some of the responsibility for maintaining the course.

The Programme Role is set when a User is enrolled. The available roles are Instructor, Course Builder, Marker and Student.

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Roles Explained

  • Instructor: Instructors have access to all areas in the Course Control Panel. This role is generally given to the person developing, teaching or facilitating the class. If a Course is unavailable to Students, Instructors may still access it.
  • Course Builder: The Course Builder role has access to most areas of the Course Control Panel. This role is appropriate for a research assistant or to an assistant who has limited responsibilities, but should not have access to Student Grades. Note: If the Course is unavailable to Students, a Course Builder can still access the Course.

  • Teaching Assistant: Has rights to view, add or modify content. This is a useful role to use where you want a colleague/PhD student to assist in adding content, but you want to remain as the overall instructor.
  • Marker : The Marker role has limited access to the Course Control Panel. A Marker would assist the Instructor in the creation, management, delivery, and grading of Assessments and Surveys. A Marker may also assist the Instructor with adding manual entries to the Online Grade Centre.
  • Student: only has rights to view content, and does not see the control panel.