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The Blackboard Student app has been developed by Blackboard to help students access and interact with key elements of their courses. You can also use the Blackboard Student app to access Collaborate Ultra virtual classrooms from your mobile device.

Table of contents

How to get the Blackboard App

From your device (Apple or Android) access the appropriate online store (App store or Google Play) and download the Bb Student app to your device.

If you require detailed support please select the following link:

Bb Student App Quick Start

Set-up Instructions

Once the app is installed on your device:

  1. Open that app and in the Search For Your School box enter Ulster University.

  2. Select University of Ulster from the dropdown menu that appears.

  3. Select the Continue with Web-Login button (highlighted in red below):

  4. You will be redirected to the Single Sign-On page. Enter your Ulster University login credentials:

  5. Approve your login attempt via the Authenticator app:

  6. You will then be redirected back to the Blackboard App.

  7. You may be prompted to agree to the Blackboard Terms of Use. You must agree to these to use the app:

  8. You will logged into the app and have access to your module and learning materials:


Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi source when using the app. Some of the content files supplied by academic staff - especially PowerPoint files - are quite large in terms of filesize. Streaming of Collaborate Ultra session smay also use up a lot of your data allowance. Accessing large files over a mobile connection MAY push you over your monthly bandwidth limit.

Bb Instructor App

From your device (Apple, Android or Windows) access the appropriate online store (App store, Google play or Microsoft) and download the Bb Instructor app to your device.

If you require more detailed support please select the following link:

Bb Instructor App Quick Start Guide

Best practices for mobile friendly courses:

Best Practice for Mobile Content (PDF)