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How to get started in Blackboard as soon as possible

Welcome to all our new and returning students.

Check your Registration Status

See our Check your Registration Status support page.

Your entire University life and Blackboard access revolve around your student Registration status. This section will show you how to check your Registration status, explain its significance as well as illustrate how Blackboard access is not instantaneous like Portal and Library services.

Blackboard Access

How do I login to Blackboard

Either direct at:
or via the Portal at

You've waited 24hrs since successful completion of Online Enrolment, you login and Blackboard states Currently you are not enrolled on any courses

The visibility of content usually follows the semester start dates, unless otherwise specified by your Course Director or Module Co-ordinator. Also, although all Banner modules are in Blackboard, not all programmes (with the exception of fully distance learning courses) are delivered in Blackboard. There can be many different versions of the same module, check that you are on the right version (CRN number) of the module. If you have selected the wrong module you can can submit a Module Amendment Form.

Tune your browser

Blackboard On Demand Help

The Blackboard On Demand student support site link above is brimming with short, practical video tutorials.