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Maximum Participants


Maximum Number of Internet Participants

By default, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra can support up-to 250 participants per session. If you expect to have more than 250 participants, we will need to designate your session as a large session and enable the Large scale session (250+) option in Session Settings

Please Note: Large scale session (250+) events will have chat, whiteboard editing, webcam and microphone sharing disabled upon entry for participants. Participant chat can be enabled in session by a moderator via My Settings > Session Settings. Breakout Groups are also unavailable for Large Events. As a result the session will be less interactive and more of a web broadcast rather than a webinar. Staff using this feature should understand that this is new feature and they use it at their own risk. Large Scale sessions cannot be set-up as recurring events.

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Maximum Number of Telephony Participants

Participants have the option of joining a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session by telephone. Obviously, participants joining in this manner will have audio only access to the session.

The maximum number of Telephony connections to a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session is 25.

Connection by telephone to a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions is charged at standard network rates. For this reason we do not recommend joining a session by telephone and ask those participants having problems joining via the web, to please contact the Blackboard Helpdesk.