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Cannot login to Blackboard

Blackboard is accessible at to all registered Ulster students.

Blackboard access is enabled the day after enrolment is complete. If you try to login to Blackboard on the same day as you enrol, you will receive an error message.


Common Errors

The most common reasons why you may not be able to login to Blackboard

Account not yet active

This is typical at the start of term, if you complete enrolment today, your account will not be live in Blackboard until tomorrow morning.

If you try to access Blackboard on the day of enrolment you will receive a login error message like this.

You can check the status of your Ulster academic record via the process described here:

You will know that this is your problem if the enrolment date is today.





Academic Record

Access to Blackboard is only for fully registered students. If you have not yet enrolled, are on a Leave of Absence or have Financial holds then your access to many Ulster systems including Blackboard will be blocked. You can review your academic record at

As a QAHE student, you can find that administration is more complex and staff at the London or Birmingham Campus may insist that you are enrolled. The central source of truth is however the Ulster record accessible via the process described here and you should check to ensure that you are enrolled in Ulster systems.