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Information for Assessors

The MMI interview process this year will be delivered entirely online through Microsoft Teams which will be installed on the University laptop at your assessment station.

The process is quote complex, so the stages are described below:

  • You will join the main room at the start of the session, prior to any applicants joining. All assessors, and Ulster support staff will be together in the room initially without students.

  • As students join, they will wait in the lobby until assessors and support staff are happy for the process to commence.

  • A co-ordinator in the main room will welcome students and explain that each student will be assigned to a particular station through the Breakout Rooms feature of Microsoft Teams.

  • Once the co-ordinator is ready, they will start breakout rooms and you and the applicants will receive a message that breakout rooms are about to start.

  • Once you and the applicant are together, you will share the instructions for the station. The instructions will be in Powerpoint format and details of how to share a Powerpoint file in Teams are given here:

  • You should ensure that applicants can hear and see you, and that you have allowed the applicant the allotted time to review instructions.

  • At this point you stop sharing instructions and commence the assessment.

  • As we are doing this remotely, there may be connectivity issues or network dropouts and we should expect this to happen. If an applicant is disadvantaged due to technology failure we will manage this following the session. Don’t panic and try to remain calm.

In advance of the On Campus session, download Microsoft Teams from and authenticate in with your University credentials (* email address and network password).
If you have not received these already, you soon will.
Try to share a powerpoint file and get comfortable with the process. If you have family members who can support you, you may wish to experiment with the breakout rooms functionality to better understand what your experience will be like. You will not have to manage this process on the day but you may wish to try it out.

The video below, from the perspective of the organiser (not you) will help you better understand the process in advance of the session.