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Unable to access Collaborate Ultra session (Spinning Purple Circle) - Google Chrome


Some staff and students have reported issues accessing the Live Sessions or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool links when using Google Chrome.

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After selecting the Live Sessions or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool link in a module area, staff and students have reported that they are taken to a grey screen with a spinning purple circle and remain there, unable to join the session or see the session links. Their screen will look like this:


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra uses cookies (known as third-party cookies) to track aspects of your session. If Google Chrome blocks these cookies, the result is the grey screen with the spinning purple circle.


Note: Not all users (typically those using workplace computers) will have access to their computer in a way that will allow them make changes to Google Chrome, or to see whether third-party cookies are enabled in Google Chrome. As a quick check, please go to this web address: and look at the section ‘Are third party cookies enabled’. If it says NO, third-party cookies are blocked, please contact your IT Support team for help. For everyone else, please follow the instructions below.

To enable third-party cookies in Google Chrome:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. Select the ‘three-dots’ button to the right of the address bar in Google Chrome. This is Customise and Control Google Chrome button (highlighted in red below).

  3. From the drop-down menu that appears, select the Settings… link:

  4. On the Settings screen that opens scroll down to the Privacy and Security section and select the Cookies and other site data button:

  5. On the Cookies and other site data page that opens, see if the Block third-party cookies option is checked:

  6. If it is, select the checkbox next to Allow all cookies (highlighted in red below) to enable third-party cookies to be used:

Video Instructions

A quick video guide to the problem and the solution.