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TurnItIn's Rubric Feature


Within TurnItIn's GradeMark tool you can integrate your marking criteria via the Rubric feature. The Rubric tool enables assessors to list the marking criteria against set standards. A number of benefits can be achieved from the integration of Rubrics:

  • Helps students to focus their efforts to meet the requirements of an assignment
  • Ensures consistent and impartial marking
  • Provides generic feedback
  • Automatic calculation of the assignment mark (optional setting)

Table of contents

An example of a Rubric.

University of Ulster Assessment Criteria

If you use the Assessment Criteria taken from the University of Ulster's Assessment and Feedback Handbook 2013, and would like to integrate the marking criteria into the Rubric Feature in TurnItIn as part of your feedback. To help, the marking criteria has been recreated for you within TurnItIn's Rubric feature for reuse.  Both qualitative and quantitative assessment criteria for Levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 have been created and can be download and imported into your personal TurnItIn account for reuse.

Once imported you are free to edit and amend the rubric to meet your requirements. To view the Assessment and Feedback Handbook, marking criteria, click here.

Downloading/Re-using a University of Ulster Rubric

  1. Select the rubric from the Assessment and Feedback Handbook Rubrics table or the Ulster Business School Rubrics Table
    1. From the list of Quantitative and Qualitative Rubrics, select the relevant Rubric you wish to reuse

    2. If from the Ulster Business School, the Quantitative Assessment Criteria for Levels 4, 5 and 6 have been revised, May 2013

      UBS Assessment Criteria - Rubrics

      Qualitative rubric

      UBS Qualitative Level 4

      UBS Qualitative Level 5
      UBS Qualitative Level 6
  2. Select Save File, OK to save locally to your machine
  3. The download will be saved into your Downloads Library

  4. Follow the instructions on how to import and attach the Rubric to your assignment

Importing a Rubric 

  1. In Blackboard Learn create your assignment as normal (Creating a TurnItIn Drop box) or go to your pre-created TurnItIn Assignment Dropbox and Edit Assignment.
  2. In the Optional Settings go to GradeMark. Select Launch Rubric Manager.

  3. To import a Rubric select the icon in the top right hand corner and select Import.

  4. Select Browse and select the Rubric. Select Import. Select Close.

  5. To view the Rubric select the top left hand corner icon and select the Rubric.

  6. Once you have imported the rubric of your choice, you can deploy the rubric for different types of scoring rubric you wish to apply.

    1. Scoring Rubric: You are required to enter the weighting for each criteria and the top scale for each standard set. Once this information is entered, it will calculate the grade for the assignment you are marking. See instructions below on Marking as Assignment using a rubric.
    2. Custom Rubric: Best to ignore this option as there are known issues with this Rubric as time of writing.
    3. Qualitative Rubric: This rubric is equivalent to high-lightening what standards students achieved for each criteria on a paper copy of the marking criteria sheet. Lecturers simply load the rubric and click on what standard each student achieved for each criteria, showing them how well they did.
      NB. If using the imported Assessment and Feedback Handbook Criterion, the default setup is a Scoring Rubric, all you need to do is enter the weighing for each criteria. If you prefer a Qualitative Rubric, click on the '0' icon in Rubric Scoring.
  7. To exit the Rubric Launch Manager select Close.

  8. The Rubric will now appear in the drop down list. Ensure you select the Rubric you wish to attach to the assignment in view.

Instructional Video - How to Attach a Rubric

Marking as assessment using a TurnItIn Rubric

The instructions below are for marking a Scoring Rubric, however the same steps apply for a Qualitative rubric.

  1. To mark using a Rubric, select the Rubric option from the toolbar.


  2. To expand the view of the Rubric select to expand.


  3. Select the options that apply. Once finished select Apply Rubric percentage to grade/ Apply and close.


  4. When finished the marks are automatically saved. Close the window.


Instructional Video - How to mark a paper using a Rubric