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Manually adding attendance data

There may be times when you have a paper-based attendance record that you wish to add to Qwickly manually, indeed many staff prefer to use this approach to reduce stress in the classroom and avoid technical issues that students might experience.

If you decide to use this approach, the UKVI Compliance team recommend adding the record within 24 hours of the session to ensure accuracy of records.

Prior to starting this process, we assume that Qwickly has been added to the module and full instructions are available at

Adding the attendance date

When you click on the Qwickly link (it may be titled Attendance depending on how it was set up) select List which presents you with a Session Information box that defaults to Current Time.

You will notice an option below this, titled Past Time, select this and input the date associated with your paper-based record. Enter the date and time using the date picker.

Mark Student Attendance

Scroll down the page and select the relevant attendance group, if applicable. Mark students Present, Absent or Excused and click the Submit Attendance button.