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Qwickly Attendance - Check-In Box Missing/Not Visible


Some students have reported problems finding the check-in box used to enter the session PIN during Qwickly attendance monitoring.

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They can only see a grey bar or blank white space where the check-in box should be.

Or, they can only see their course and student details and the Check In button is missing (shown below).

There are two possible causes:

  1. An old Check-in Session has been left open
  2. The browser is not focused on the check-in box

Old Check-In session still running

If a tutor forgot to select End Check In during a previous Qwickly attendance session - in the same module area - then that session may still be open.

A good indication that an old session has been left open, is when the tutor selects the Qwickly Attendance link and instead of being prompted to Start Check In (as shown below):

They are immediately taken to the Check In is currently running page and a check-in PIN number is displayed (see image below).

Students attempting submit their attendance to an old check-in session – and who may have already submitted attendance during the old session – will be unable to do so.

To resolve this issue the tutor should:

  1. Login to Blackboard Learn
  2. Go to the module area
  3. Select the Qwickly attendance link
  4. Select the End Check In button
  5. Select the Check-In tab and choose Start Check In to begin a new check-in session.

Browser not focused on the check-in box

The second possible cause is browser-related. Some students have reported that they can see the Check-in button but are unable to see the box used to enter the check-in PIN. They may see a grey bar or blank white space where the check-in box should be. This issue seems to be most prevalent on iOS devices.

To resolve this issue:

  • Select/Tap the Check In button.
  • Qwickly will show a red error message and force the browser to focus on the Check-In Code box - and highlight it properly.