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"Workshops succeeded, impressively, in creating change locally but, importantly, in seeding change beyond the immediate participation experience." Emeritus Professor David Nicol


The Viewpoints project created a toolkit of reflective workshop resources which enable educational teams to collaborate effectively to design and enhance their curriculum (Sept 2008 – July 2012). 

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The Panorama project disseminated the Viewpoints project outputs with further education and higher education institutions across the UK (May 2012 – June 2013). 

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Both these projects were funded by different strands of the JISC e-Learning Programme and led by the Technology Facilitated Learning team in Ulster University.

This website collates relevant information and sharable resources from both these projects (under the Creative Commons licence) - including the Workshop Toolkit and Project Documentation.

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The Toolkit includes all the resources you need to deliver your own Viewpoints Curriculum Design Workshop, including: 
- A6 Card Sets (3 themes)
- A0 Worksheets (3 types)
- Workshop Facilitation Plan
- Workshop Presentation Template
- Workshop Output Template
- Professional Printer Version of Resources
- Editable Version of Resources