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Share Camera


The new Share Camera option in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra gives the Moderator/Presenter the ability to share more than one camera with participants.

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For example, you can share your webcam video and share another camera connected to your computer showing an experiment, or the feed from a visualiser. Attendees can see you and anything else you want to show.

Note: The number of cameras and USB ports you have - and that your computer can power and support – are the only limit to the number of cameras you can share.

To Share a Camera

To start a share:

  1. Select the Collaborate Panel button.

  2. Select the Share Content icon at the bottom of the panel that appears.

  3. Select the Share Camera button under Primary Content.

  4. On the Share camera panel that opens, you will see a list of the cameras that are currently connected to your computer. Select the one you want to share.

  5. A pop-up Video Preview will appear. Select the Share Camera button to share that camera with the Participants:

  6. Repeat this process for each camera you want to share.